'Head & Shoulders' Above

27th July 2009

Have you seen the commercial for 'Head & Shoulders' featuring 'Hairy Harry'? If not, this is what he looks like.

Do you perhaps recognise the legs protruding from under that enormous (dandruff free) head of hair? Well, I'll let you into a secret - they were mine. I am 'Hairy Harry'!

If you have not seen the commercial or can't get enough of my brilliant performance as a 'head of hair', you can see both versions on the Head and Shoulders website.

The commercial was shot on Keighley Railway Station in Yorkshire, UK. It was a December night and the temperature was -4 degrees. All I wore under 'hair' was a lycra body-suit. For one shot, the director stood me very close to the steam train's steam vent. On action, the driver blasted a jet of hot steam to create atmosphere, some of which found it's way up under the 'hair' costume. For a brief moment I was warm until the vapour froze and left me literally 'frosted'!

Ahhhh...the glamour of showbiz!