Listen 'Up' & Tune In

12th October 2010

Dust off your wireless, or just switch on your DAB radio. Why? Well, I recently recorded a radio drama with a difference for BBC Radio 4.

'The Climb' is a feel good drama about three men who climb the Blackpool Tower. For authenticity, myself and fellow actors Tommy Jessop and Liam O'Carroll actually climbed a scaffold tower erected at BBC Radio Manchester, while recording the play. All of the sound effects were recorded live as we struggled with ropes and crampons.

Frankie, John and Bud (me) aren't your average adventurers, tune in to find out what they are 'up' to as they race against time and the police to achieve their goal.

'The Climb' will air on BBC Radio 4 at 2:15pm BST on Tuesday 26th October.

If you are reading this now, you've missed it, but you can still catch it on BBC iPlayer.

Here is the trailer...

WARNING: During this clip, I say a rude word beginning with 'B'. It is quite justified though as my character was about to fall 517ft off Blackpool Tower.

The YouTube version...