Marvin's Diary

28th January 2005

In preparation for any acting project, I do some research into the character that I'm going to play.

Marvin Sometimes, I only have the script to work from, with perhaps a few words from the director. But in the case of The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, I had the most wonderful assortment of literature and recordings to give me insight into Marvin's character. After a while, I found I could 'think' like Marvin, which then translated into the performance. I compiled a collection of what I liked to call, 'Marvinisms'. These were things Marvin would, or might say in any given situation. This allowed me to ad-lib dialogue in character during a scene.

Another exercise in my study of Marvin's character was the writing of a diary; Marvin's Diary.

Over the coming weeks, I will publish entries from the diary here. So be sure to check back often for the next instalment.

Please note: The diary is just a bit of fun!