App: Pocket Warwick

My App PocketWarwick is out now and available to download for FREE on Apple iOS and Android devices.

I came up with the idea of Pocket Warwick because I love technology and apps. I wanted to somehow incorporate what I do as a performer in making something that was fun and playable. Pocket warwick is kind of a fusion of the old 90's electronic pets Tamgotchi, The Sims and 'me'. He lives inside your non-specific electronic handheld device. You have to make sure he's entertained, fed, educated and washed, as well as managing his career. There are many interactions you can discover and new outfits and decorations to unlock.

Pocket Warwick is brought to you by iDiot Films (my own creative company), Offficial an entrepreneurial, innovation and investment company and digital design wizards Matmi.
'Pocket Warwick, a little bit of Hollywood in your pocket!'

Download from the iTunes App Store here and the Google Play Store here.

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