1st Weekend Report

20th May 2006

My 1st weekend as host for Disney MGM Studio's Star Wars Weekends has been amazing!

Before the weekend began, I had one day to rehearse the 'Stars of the Saga' talk-show for the event. This is more than just a talk-show. I wanted to make it appealing, not just to fans of 'Star Wars', but to the normal Disneyworld guest too. Apart from the guest interviews, there are plenty of audio visual elements that have been created specially for this show. Rehearsals went well, mainly due to the brilliant technical team that I work with at MGM Studios.

There is massive media interest in this opening weekend. I was interviewed by several TV and radio stations, including The Daily Buzz.

I have been joined by two fantastic guests in the shape of Rick McCallum & Peter Mayhew, who have been great to work with. This is Rick's first time at the event and, although a little apprehensive at first, he now seems to enjoy all the attention he is getting from fans eager to see him for this rare appearance.

Rick McCallum & Peter Mayhew on stage