Back to The Academy

2nd November 2008

It's hard to believe that a year has passed since I was a trainee at the 'Celebrity Scisorhands' Academy. The show is back on BBC 3 in the UK, but with a new group of scissor-wielding stars. Today, my family and I gave up our hair in the name of 'Children In Need' by returning to The Academy for a trim. However, I found myself between the blades of scissors held by my daughter, Annabelle!

Don't miss 'Celebrity Scissorhands' on BBC 3, Monday 3rd November. You can also watch repeats on-demand for 7 days on BBC iPlayer.

Visit the Celebrity Scissorhands web site.

My son Harrison was very pleased with his trim from Jessica.

My daughter Annabelle does her impression of Sweeny Todd!