Bluetooth Signature Request

I was out celebrating my 35th birthday at a restaurant in my home town, when my mobile phone suddenly illuminated. I picked it up and saw that it was receiving a message via Bluetooth*. I looked suspiciously at the guests on my table before opening the message.

Can we have a photo? 'Can I get a foto?' This is what I received on my mobile. They hand wrote the note, took a photo with their phone, then beamed it to me.

To my surprise, it was a request for an autograph. I quizzed my guests, trying to catch a glimmer of a 'smirk' that would reveal their guilt. They all responded with vacant expressions. My investigation then focussed on the immediate area around my table. My wife then pointed out two lads sitting some 10ft away who wore that 'smirk' I had been looking for. Were these the 'wireless autograph hunters'? Their sudden embarrassment convinced me that these were indeed the guilty party. I walked over to them, and they instantly confessed.

I am asked for my autograph several times a day, but I thought the originality of the way they had asked was great fun. I just so happened that I had some photos with me; so after a whiff of metallic paint and a squiggle, we said our goodbyes never to communicate again, save for a final Bluetooth message!

Thanks for the photo "Thanx V. Much!"

How polite. In return, I sent them a photo of my 'Scooby-Doo' birthday cake. I let them drool for a while, then took them the leftovers!

*Bluetooth is a short-range wireless technology used to create links between devices such as computers and mobile phones. Visit for more info.