Extras, Extras - Read All About It!

5th July 2006

I have just finished a fun three days of filming on the set of Ricky Gervais' comedy 'Extras'.

In episode three, I play myself, albeit an overly exaggerated version. The episode also features 'Harry Potter' actor, Daniel Radcliffe. Both Daniel and I show a very different side of our true characters!

It was an absolute pleasure working with both Ricky Gervais and his co-writer/director, Stephen Merchant. I am a fan of their past work in 'The Office' and the first series of 'Extras', so it was a thrill when Ricky personally called and asked if I would do it. His call came completely out of the blue. I actually thought it was a mate doing a bad David Brent impression!

I will announce an air date for the series when I know.

To find out more about the first series of 'Extras', go to Ricky's Web Site.