Reader's Reviews

Just a short note to let you know that your book is fantastic!! I actually couldn't put it down and have been carrying it with me everyday. Interesting, very moving, and truly truly funny. I have recommended it to all my friends. Here's a big thank you for sharing your life experiences in such an honest way. You are one talented man.

I get bored very easily when it comes to books and it takes a lot to keep me interested but with the large amount of photos and the funny foot notes - its proving to be a very addictive read.

J.J. Lucia-Wright

Whew! That's some autobiography: Truly excellent, witty, gutsy, amusing, permanently hard down on the accelerator, elevator success and it turns pages for you.


Thanks for writing it. Your book utterly demonstrates that it is the heart in the body and not the body around the heart that defines who you are.


Read your book, what can I say? WOW. We have a queue to read it now - four children and hubby. Thankyou x

Carmen Marris

Finished reading Warwick Davis' book last night. It's beyond amazing! I loved every word of it, even the heartbreaking bits!


A cracking book, with laugh out loud bits and really touching bits as well. I have been having a 'craptacular' few days and this book has really picked me up. As a Star Wars obesessive it piqued my interest but i am going to pester all my mates to read it, whether they be Star Wars fans or not.