'Snapes' iPod Playlist

Inspired by seeing Alan Rickman wearing an iPod, I posed a question on Twitter - "Which songs would 'Professor Snape' have on his iPod?"

So, here it is, 'Snape's iPod Playlist Top 10' as voted by my Twitter friends.


  1. 'Copacabanna' - Barry Manilow
  2. 'Bad' - Michael Jackson
  3. 'Walkin' on Sunshine' - Katrina & the Waves
  4. 'I'm Too Sexy' - Right Said Fred
  5. 'For Lily' - Michael Silvestri
  6. 'Barbie Girl' - Aqua
  7. 'Bohemian Rhapsody' - Queen
  8. 'Take a Chance (On Me)' - ABBA
  9. 'The Sound of Silence' - Simon & Garfunkel
  10. 'Magic Man' - Heart

When I next see Alan, I'll ask him what he does actually listen to, and post it here.