At the 'HP 6' Premier, NY

HP 6 Poster

Premieres for the 'Harry Potter' films are becoming quite a regular event for me having attended five during the last 8 years. These have been huge events in London's Leicester Square. Each year more and more fans have come out to catch a glimpse of their favorite witch or wizard. However, the premiere for 'Harry Potter & the Half-Blood Prince' was a bit different for me this year due to the fact that I was in New York.

0n Thursday 9th July, 100ft of red carpet was rolled out outside the Zeigfield Theatre in Manhatten ready for the arrival of Hogwarts finest. My family and I stepped out of a white chauffer driven Audi (which I was assured was quite a magical vehicle) at 6:10pm, and started the slow walk towards the theatre under the glare of the worlds media. This was my son, Harrison's first premiere, but he took it in his stride and seemed to love all the attention (I wonder who he takes after?).

Our red carpet arrival at The Zeigfield Theatre, NY

After about an hour of interviews from every TV station and print publication imaginable, I had finally reached the doors to the theatre. Before I went inside, I dashed across the street to say 'Wingardium Leviosa' to the 4000 strong crowd who had been waiting to practice their charms since my arrival. A few charms and autographs later, I waved to them in a 'showbiz' way, and was escorted inside by a rather large security man.

A representative from Warner Bros. took me to a 'green room' where my fellow cast members had been gathering. I chatted to Michael Gambon (Prof. Dumbledor) and Alan Rickman (Snape) for a while until it was time to 'be presented' to the waiting audience before the film started. On the way to the audotorium, we stopped to pose for a cast photo. This was crazy. The flashes were blinding, it was a photographic frenzy. It was a wonder that I could see the film at all after enduring that assault on my retinas!

In the lavish, very red audotorium of the Zeigfield, David Heyman, the films producer said a few words then introduced David Yates, the director. He stood in front of the huge screen and thanked all the cast and crew for all their hard work then introduced the cast in attendance one by one. He had mentioned everyone except Daniel Radcliffe, Emma Watson and me. As he looked over, I was not sure that he could see me since I was partially obscured by a woman with 'big' hair in the front row. I stood on tip-toes and peered around the 'human hedge'. Then, to my relief, he said, "Next, someone who is such a good actor, he's playing two parts in the seventh film - I don't know whether I should have said that? Warwick Davis!" I popped out from behind 'bush woman', gave my 'showbiz' wave to the crowd and proudly took my place in the cast line-up.

I then joined my family, watched the film and consumed an unhealthy amount of chocolate raisins. They were made more appetising by the fact that they were free!

After the film, we were escorted to the magical white Audi for the journey to New York's Museum of Natural History for the after premiere party. One of the museum exhibit areas had been themed to represent 'Weasleys' Wizard Wheezes' from the 6th film. As usual at a 'Potter' premiere, there were large amounts of sweet treats to tempt the post movie goers. With my sugar level at maximum after my chocolate raisins binge, I decided to give them a miss.

The 'Hogwarts Express' was actually a cake!

Outside, there was a scale replica of a Quidditch pitch, complete with projection of footage of the training session from the film. It is here we bumped into Tom Felton (Draco Malfoy). He's such a nice chap. I first knew him when he was shorter than me for 'Flitwick's Charms Class' back in 2001.
Us with Tom Felton. Come to think of it, he's not much taller than me now!

And so the evening came to a close. Magic!