'Dr Who' and Me?

10th February 2012

Check out the story below from the Daily Express. I've been to space quite a few times, but never time travelled, I recon it would be fun.

WARWICK DAVIS is already a bona fide sci-fi and fantasy movie legend with regular turns in the Star Wars and Harry Potter franchises as well as the starring role in Willow.

It would seem logical therefore that his next adventure should be aboard the iconic Tardis and now he has a friend in a very high place indeed - none other than Doctor Who Matt Smith.
The pair met up at the British Film Awards where Warwick told us: "I'd love to be in the show. Hopefully Matt can help me out."
However he has some fierce competition in the form of his nine-year-old son. Warwick added: "Harrison really wants to get into acting and loves teasing me about the fact that I started at 11 while he got his first acting job at six!"