'Life's Too Short' in the Press

24th October 2011

Life's Too Short has been in the press quite a lot over the weekend. Here are two quick excerpt's.

The Daily Mail's Weekend Magazine

Like The Office, it is a satirical faux-reality show following the ups and downs of an aspiring dwarf actor. And just like in Extras, Ricky has invited some huge stars to make fools of themselves. This time Johnny Depp, Liam Neeson, Sting, Helena Bonham Carter and Cat Deeley all join in the fun. Ricky himself takes a smaller role than in his previous comedies; the anti-hero is played by Warwick Davis, who has appeared in everything from Star Wars to Harry Potter.
In the show, which Warwick says depicts life for 'a sophisticated dwarf about town', he plays a bitter and manipulative version of himself. Because of Warwick's 3ft 6in size, at least part of the humour derives from his height. In the first episode he can't reach the doorbell to get into Ricky's office which, desperate for work, he often visits. When he asks for help from a passerby he is abused. But most of the funny moments come from the way people talk over and about Warwick, as if he is not quite human.

The Independent

In short (I've got to stop this), Davis plays a comic version of himself, a former Ewok in Star Wars who had a movie, Willow, written specially for him by George Lucas, chased a then-unknown Jennifer Aniston around in Leprechaun (hilarious - check out the trailer online) and had a role in each and every Harry Potter movie. And like the real Davis, 'Davis' runs his own agency for actors under five feet tall (Davis's is called Willow Management, after the Lucas film). Wasn't he worried about placing such a close facsimile of his life in the hands of two famously mischievous comedians?
"I was the least worried out of everyone because of the way that they handled Julie Fernandez's character in The Office... the lady in the wheelchair," he says. "The laughs are at David Brent, not at Julia." But did he ever think Gervais and Merchant had gone too far with their scripts for Life's Too Short? "No. They both know where the boundaries are and what's good taste and bad taste."

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