I want me 'Lep' figure!

2nd March 2005

If I had a gold shilling for every time I'd been asked if I knew where to get a Leprechaun figure, then I'd have a pot full! The answer is simply, there isn't one! Until now (well in a few months time actually, but 'until now' sounds more dramatic).

Some time ago I was approached by an artist, Sean Green who wanted to sculpt a 'Leprechaun' figure. I took a look at some of his previous work and was very impressed with the detail he was able to sculpt into his figures, but at such a small scale.

Leprechaun Sculpture Work in progress photos of the sculpture

The finished 'Leprechaun' figure will stand about six and-a-half inches tall, and will be finished in a bronze effect resin. There might also be hand-painted version, plus an un-painted one. I am also planning to personally sign the bronze and painted versions, if required.

I will post more news about availability, cost etc. when I know.

Please visit the new dedicated Leprechaun Figure section for all the latest news on it's creation.