Signature Authentication

13th June 2005

During the last few months, the number of 'fake' autographs for sale on Ebay has increased dramatically. With this in mind, I have decided to start a 'Signature Verification Service. If you are looking to purchase a signed, photo, poster, script or other item from an on-line auction, you can now contact me to verify the signature's authenticity.

There are also many 'authentic' autographs for sale on Ebay, but how can you tell which is real and which is forged?

  • Do not buy a signed item without first seeing a photo of the item clearly showing the signatures advertised.
  • Look at the price of the item. Is it realistic considering the number and rarity of the signatures?
  • Would it have been possible for someone to have gathered all the signatures? Does the item look 'too good to be true'?

Take a look at these examples of 'forged' signatures.

Could you tell if they were 'fake'?

You can email a photo or a link to the item, and I will attempt to verify my signature for you.

There are some wonderful authentic signed items on-line that make great collectors items or gifts, but please be careful - that signed script cover could be the most expensive piece of paper you ever bought!

To be 100% sure that the signature you buy is authentic, why not visit The Signature Shop. All items are guaranteed to be the real thing.