'Star Wars' DVD Promotion

26th September 2006

Recently, I have been involved with promotional work surrounding the release of a new set of original 'Star Wars' trilogy DVDs.

Here, I have gathered together some of the interviews that resulted from this. They may be in the form of a web link, a copy of the printed article or an audio file.

I was interviewed by Vernon Kay for the UK's biggest radio station, BBC Radio 1. As you can hear from the interview, Vernon is a big 'Star Wars' fan...

Listen to the Vernon Kay interview

Web site IGN.com have published a series of interviews from a variety of 'Star Wars' actors, including me. You can not only read about my memories of 'Star Wars', but hear them too in the form of a free Podcast!

Star Wars Soliloquies: Warwick Davis

Other on-line interviews: