Willow Rediscovered

28th December 2001

Warwick Davis told SCI FI Wire he still doesn't quite understand why his 1988 fantasy film Willow wasn't more popular, but added that--on the eve of its DVD debut--he's pleased that the movie is being rediscovered. "I don't know exactly what happened," said Davis, who starred as the heroic Willow Ufgood opposite Val Kilmer, in an interview. "I think it possibly had to do with the fact that it came out against [Who Framed] Roger Rabbit and Rambo III." Ron Howard directed Willow, which was produced by George Lucas.

Davis added, "Roger Rabbit was very hyped, because of its groundbreaking mix of animation and live action. It was innovative and brilliant. Rambo III came out as well, so old Sylvester Stallone got the best of us. But since then, the audience has decided Willow is a pretty decent movie, and they want to watch it. I think that's what's given it success on video, on cable and in TV reruns. And now, hopefully, more people will discover it on DVD. People like that Willow is this little guy and underdog, but he's also an unlikely hero who rises to the occasion to complete his quest." Willow: The Special Edition, featuring a commentary track by Davis, will be available in stores beginning Nov. 27 from Fox Home Entertainment.

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