Day 1

27th October 2007

Well, it feels rather like the first day at a new school. I’m full of excitement and anticipation, but also a little dread. As an actor, I’m very used to starting new jobs, moving from one film or TV project to another. But, this is different. I’m moving out of my comfort zone. I’m taking on a job I know very little about.

I’m wearing my uniform. Regulation black clothing from head to toe. At this point, I feel more like an undertaker than an apprentice hair stylist. Oh, and I’m un-branded. The rules of the ‘Scissorhands’ Academy are very specific about that. So what will today be like? Will I get on with my ‘class-mates’? Will the teacher like me? What will lunch be like? How long until half-term? Oh, and please no ‘Back, Crack & Sack’ on the first day! Here goes…


It's 7:35pm, and I've just left the Academy after my first day. Wow, what a day it was. I actually cut someones hair! It took me three and a half hours, and was one of the most intense tasks I've ever undertaken.

Lee Stafford is very nice guy and a great mentor. He said I was 'very promising' and I was 'very conscientious '. Probably just being polite on my first day. My client, Maria seemed happy. I was going for a Victoria Beckham style, but it ended up more like a David Beckham! She left me this note:-

"Thank you for your time. I appreciate that you were very nervous. If I had all the money in the world, I would leave a huge tip! You were great to meet. Thanks again for your huge effort!"

Thanks Maria for being my first

After the trauma of my first cut, I was taken into the beauty therapy room for a lesson. Ben Nicholas, Lil' Chris and I were supposed to learn waxing on a client. This client had second thoughts and decided not to show up (very sensible), so Ben became our subject. Needless to say, one of his legs now looks like an oven-ready turkey!