Day 11

8th November 2007

Today was a very important day at The Greatest Academy on Earth. Today was assessment day. Lee would decide which two trainees would demonstrate a cut live on stage at the hair show.

Each assessment would be timed to one and a half hours. The models would be girls with long hair who didn’t mind what style we created for them. You could cut the atmosphere with a pair of hairdressing scissors!

Thankfully, my first cut of the day was not for my assessment. His name was Dr Gurb. In his words, he had 'massive hair'. And he did. During the cut, he asked me whether I had been named after Warwick Castle. I replied, "No, my parents saw some graffiti on a station wall. It read, 'Warwick Was Ere". I told him my middle name is 'Was'. He chuckled, I snipped, and then he fell silent. He leant forward to get closer look at his face. Just under his left eye was a perfectly formed 'W' that appeared scratched into his skin! For a medical man, he looked shocked. He then accused me of some sort of Voodoo magic. I informed him that I had been cutting his hair and had not danced or chanted once. Lee came over to see what the fuss was about. We all peered at the good doctors face. I suggested we ask psychic, Derek Accura to come back and investigate. Lee agreed. Dr Gurb looked very anxious and eyed me accusingly once again.

During the course of the rest of his time in my chair, the 'W' became more pronounced. He seemed pleased with his cut, but not the 'skin etching'. Am I possessed? Was it Edward, the Academy spirit? The mystery continues...

No sooner had the troubled Dr Gurb left, than the model arrived for my assessment cut. Her name was Charlie, and she had very long, fine hair. The clock was ticking. After the briefest of consultations, it was to the sink for a wash. I decided that I would attempt a style that I tried about a week ago. The first time it was not entirely successful. On that occasion, I had taken two hours just to section the hair, before I had even mad a cut!

After combing through Charlie’s hair, I began to section. Nice clean sections are the key to a good hair cut in my opinion. It went well. After only twenty minutes, I was cutting. Lee kept pacing the Academy floor with a clipboard. I told him to go away as he was putting me off. The cut went well, looked great and I finished on time.

Later that afternoon, I walked to my cutting station to find a friend of mine waiting for a trim. His name is Oli, and I’ve known him for about six years. All this time, he’s had quite long, wavy, unkempt hair. This was my chance to sort it out. Oli sat looking quite bewildered as I snipped at his wavy locks. It was actually more difficult cutting the hair of someone I knew since I would have to face him again in the future! His haircut ended up making his face look slightly taller than he was used to. I told him it suited him – that’s when my acting skills come into play!