Day 8

4th November 2007

Still feeling tired from the previous day, I entered The Academy hoping today would be easier. I was delighted to find out that we were to have a master class in body language from psychologist and leading TV expert Judi James.

TV Psychologist, Judi James

The idea behind the class was to help us take control of situations in The Academy and create rapport with our clients. Judi said we should recite the following Mantra, “I’m calm, confident, and in control”. For Steve Strange, one out of three’s not bad!

And yes, Steve Strange is back! Apart from the fact that Steve is a really nice guy, he also helps divert the clients and Lee's attention. Clients sit in my chair looking in the mirror, thinking, "I'm glad I'm with Warwick, look what Steve is doing with those clippers!" Cheers Steve.

At the end of Judi’s master class, Lee came out with his most metaphoric metaphor yet. He said, “We may not reach the stars, but we’re gonna’ get covered in stardust!” Steve’s response, “Hand me a bucket!” I have a rather different take on his metaphor, and it goes like this, “We may not reach the stars, but we’re gonna’ get covered in hair!”

I’m starting to get to the point where I’m so busy during the day that I’m actually forgetting whose hair I’ve cut! I know I did four cuts today, but only remember the names of Chris, Jono and Amy. Sorry cut number four.

There was a touch of magic in the air at The Academy today as Mathew Lewis, who plays Neville Longbottom in ‘Harry Potter’, dropped in for a manicure. As I pushed Matthew’s cuticles, we chatted about out times on the set of ‘Potter’, and how thrilled we were to be involved with it all. Matthew left The Academy with the finest looking ‘wand waving’ hands in Hogwarts. Full marks Mr Longbottom.

Steve Strange was back at work today. Really relishes his role as assistant manager, especially when Lee had to leave The Academy for a time during the afternoon. I was halfway through a tricky cut, so I thought I’ go and ask Lee for advice. I was told he had left, and I was to ask Steve. Ask Steve! Steve ‘clipper happy’ Strange’! I decided I would go back to my cutting station be calm, confident and in control, and ‘wing’ it!

At the end of each day, we have a meeting. Lee gives us his thoughts on the day and reads any client feedback we have received. Today’s meeting had a rather different tone. During his absence, Lee had been secretly watching and listening to Aled, Carly and Brandon, who had three ‘difficult’ clients he himself had invited. In describing their performance he used more expletives than I’ve ever heard in one sentence. Will I be tested in the same way?