Day 10

6th November 2007

The Academy was strangely quiet this morning. There was no sign of Lee, Mr Strange, Leah or Lindsey. Just five of us trainees. Ahhhhh, peace.

We decided to proceed as normal, and set up the morning briefing, which I led. This meeting was basically pointless. Meeting adjourned, the first of today’s clients arrived. We all scrambled to our stations. Without Leah, we had to figure out who was cutting who and answer the phone. All this, while cutting hair and providing treatments.

Finally, at twelve o'clock, Steve arrived and summoned us all to the staff room. We were told that we had been watched by Lee and he would appraise our performances later.

Next, myself and Ben were taught the ancient art of 'Cupping'. The process involves heating the air inside a glass jar using a flame, then quickly putting it on the skin. The heat causes a vacuum inside the jar, which sucks, drawing blood up through the skin. This process has health benefits, and can be used to treat a wealth of conditions.

This afternoon, my client for a hair cut was Terri. She works with punk bands, and wanted bright pink hair. Lee was pushing us to be more daring in our creativity. I saw this as my chance. I managed to convince Terri to let me go crazy, which I did.

Robert, a hair colour specialist was in The Academy this afternoon. He advised me on the use and application of colour. I used this knowledge to give Terri's style a pink accent. She loved it and left The Academy genuinely happy giving me ten out of ten.

I won't be in The Academy tomorrow. Thursday is decision day. Lee will choose two trainees for the live 'cut off'. Who will it be.....?