Day 2

28th October 2007

Today started with a sectioning and layering masterclass from the master, Lee Stafford. After dropping us in at the deep end yesterday (the shallow end would have still been too deep for me!), he thought it would be a good idea to give us some knowledge to go along with the scissors.

Soon after, my first client arrived. She was a P.E teacher from Australia. Her hair was very long and not very fit, considering. Washing it reminded me of walking along a beach and picking up seaweed that had just been left by the tide. I spent over an hour combing the stuff!

To the Beauty Treatment room next where Lil' Chris and I were taught Manicure. There is a whole lot more to nails than I had imagined. Soon after, I had my first client for a Manicure. His name was Richard and he was a 'nibbler'. As a result, his nails were tricky to file. I offered him a French Polish, but he declined, saying he'd left his dining table at home!

No sooner had I put down the nail file, when I was back on the salon floor. This time my client was Tina. She had a fear of having a hair cut. Great! The fact that she was now sat in a chair with me stood behind her holding a pair of scissors, didn't strike me as a terribly good idea. I took it upon myself to cure her of her phobia! I began to snip away with confidence. She asked for a sweeping fringe. Scissors poised in front of her terrified face, I started to giggle. After regaining my composure, I went for it. She was breathing again. Tina left happy, but her phobia was too deep to be treated with one therapy session. I suggested she come back and see me on a regular basis.