Day 3

29th October 2007

Today began with another 'metaphore-filled' masterclass with Lee Stafford. He described cutting a 'short, back & sides' (my speciality) using a 'comb over cutting' technique.

Soon after, we were let loose on our first clients. All eager to practice our newly learned skill, short back & sides were being offered to clients of both sexes!

My first client was Jo Tanner, male. I was thrilled - he wanted a 'short, back & sides'. Remembering everything Lee had taught, I snipped away producing a very acceptable cut - on my finger. This now brings my total number of self-inflicted scissor injuries to five!

Jo Tanner Before & After

Jo was very happy with his cut and style too, however, he didn't seem to have told his face!

No sooner had Jo's hair hit the floor, than I was behind the nail bar serving up a manicure to Becks. She asked for a French Polish and since there was no sign of a table, I went ahead and painted her nails.

The afternoon saw two more hair cuts. The final one on Tom needed to be completed in half-an-hour because he had a train to catch. I decided I just had to go for it. He had a what is technically known as a 'mop-effect' style when he sat down. I decided to leave the 'moppy' bit and 'chop-in' (another technical term) underneith. This also went well. Tom left happy, and was now looking a little more Vileda, thanks to me.

I spent some time washing-up and tidying the Staff Room with Steve Strange.

Just after the Acedemy closed this evening, two representatives from Children in Need came to chat to us about the work they do, and where the money we are helping to raise will go.